Hi there,

Having explored the Giga Piano II for a few hours I clearly see the potential of GS 3 / Giga Pulse with pianos. While the GII Pno has it's uses, it's a tad bright for me (I will say the high 'pedal down' stuff is incredible.)

I currently own PMI Grandioso Steinway and Kip's Bosen (24 bit for Kontakt).

Piano is so much a 'feel' kind of thing - what GS 3 piano is getting the most positive feedback for heavy users - once purchased? Sure all the demos sound good, but what about a 'hands on' report.

My 24 bit Bosen handles most of the orchestral stuff. The Steinway is a tad long in the tooth but still good for solo stuff (with some TLC EQ). Is there a GS3 Embedded Piano out there that could handle both the solo and orchestral stuff?

I know there enough 'piano threads' to choke a horse, but what I am looking for are piano players who, once playing the new GS 3 piano, just can't imagine being without it (given the level/quality of the piano samples I currently have).

Many thanks in advance.

(love to have both a 16 and 24 bit one if possible - 24 bit for solo stuff)