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Topic: What happened to sequencer support?

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    What happened to sequencer support?

    I was able to use PowerTracks with GS2.5, but can't seem to see how to link the two applications (GS3 and sequencer software) now. Is it "ReWire" that is taking this role now? Ugg--don't like PC based everything.

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    Re: What happened to sequencer support?

    GS3 still supports sequencers the say that GS2.5 did. Go to File | GigaStudio Settings and go to the General tab. Click on the "..." button, then browse for your sequencer program. It's probably in C:\Program Files\PowerTracks or something like that.

    All the best in 2oo5!


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    Re: What happened to sequencer support?

    Thanks for that Jon. Hey Jon, do you know if there are any good hardware sequencers (I remember the roland MC-80 microcomposer) available to buy for not too much money? I don't really want another PC to run sequencer software on, and it's nice to run these big piano samples on GS alone, with no other stuff running.


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    Re: What happened to sequencer support?

    Hi Noel,

    I've used Cakewalk for years and years, but have never used a hardware sequencer. I'd rather get a computer that's fast enough to handle Giga and the sequencer on one machine, or get a separate computer than go to a hardware sequencer!

    I use Giga and Sonar together on one machine. Works great. Sibelius is a bit hungry. I use it on my reasonably powerful (but not a DAW) laptop and drive Giga with it using MOL+.


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    Re: What happened to sequencer support?

    I am trying PowerTracks Pro now, which probably is crude compared to Cakewalk, but it does work and seems to be good enough for my level of play. I am looking at the multiple midi connector issue now at m-audio. I guess the market for hardware seq has disappeared as it's hard to find one anymore. I am able to use GS3 and PowerTracks on my PC now so maybe I'm good to go.

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