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Topic: Garritan personal big band?

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    Garritan personal big band?

    Hi, Gary,

    I' ve posted a message this last month to know if a Garritan big band library would come in these next month? I had some answers, but I'm not sure about that.
    I'm working on a piece for big band, and if in a way I'm OK with trumpets and piano sounds, I suffer a lot with the other cheep sounds (espacialy with the saxophones) I get with Quick time.
    My question is to know if this library will exist, and if so when.
    I can wait, but, i don't want to wait for nothing.
    Best regards.

    I wish you and all the GPO users, an happy new year.
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    Re: Garritan personal big band?

    This has come up time and again, and the best anyone knows (as far as I know and from what Gary has said) is that it will probably be sometime relatively soon, but I don't think it's immediately forthcoming. I hope I'm wrong. Perhaps an official announcement about it will be made at NAMM. But regardless, we won't know anything further until Gary is good and ready to tell us, eh?
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    Re: Garritan personal big band?

    I'm down for that! A lot of composer's would love a big-band plug-in.

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    Re: Garritan personal big band?

    Dont forget that b4 you can have a big band you have gotta have a sax - 'a priori' to borrow a term from Kant.

    (aren't you guys impressed by the name dropping here?)

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