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Topic: Alternative to V-Stack ?

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    Question Alternative to V-Stack ?

    I`ve been using V-stack for a couple years now on a dedicated comp. running into a SX3 machine but like many of you am frustrated by the lack of Midi sync. Waiting for Stienberg to implement it is pointless..
    Brainspawn Forte is a good option but is pretty expensive.
    EnergyXT seems a little less stable.
    And Biduale Plouge I can`t get working... Is there anything else that anyone knows of that has the easy layout of V-Stack but with a reliable Midi Sync?
    Any advice is appreciated.. Rich

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    Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    investigate Chainer www.xlutop.com/

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    Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    Forte has been working- and clocking for me for over a year now.
    If you need the midi sync, it's worth the dough!

    Mr. A.

    Waiting on Steinberg to update their 50.00 program is a waste!

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    Thumbs up Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    I would definitively go with Brainspawn's Forte!

    they really got it together! great customer service also!!


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    Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    Thanks Guys...Forte seems to be the obvious choice..I just hate shelling out more bucks (170$ Cnd) for 1 feature, when i already have V-stack. Moose three, does Chainer do Midi Sync from a seperate comp.? Thanks for all the replies. Rich

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    Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    Anyone tried the host that Spinaudio has?


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    Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Anyone tried the host that Spinaudio has?

    Hmm. Never seen that one..thanks Joseph! Looks like it may do Midi sync as well..Let u know...rich

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    Re: Alternative to V-Stack ?

    No problem, I'm thinking of getting it myself while its still 79 bucks along with the Roomverb M2.

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