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Topic: Congrats to Gary on a great year!

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    Congrats to Gary on a great year!

    I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Gary for a great 2004. His visionary approach to orchestral sampling has continued to provide great products, education and support for all of us guys in the trenches as well as those just getting their feet wet.

    I have noticed how many colleges and universities are using GPO as a required tool in their coursework. This is great news for Gary, but also great news for these students and schools. When I began orchestrating, I wrote on paper, while kind of hearing the various lines in my head. This is still a crucial part of orchestrating, since for most people, their minds can play virtual instruments much better than their fingers. Still, how nice it would have been to hear the fruits (rotten or not) of my labors, other than the occassional read-through from the university orchestra. Sampling has been a blessing for many new composer/orchestrators and GPO is now the cherry on top.

    From a personal note, I'd also like to thank Gary for his help and support of my book and all of you who purchased it in 2004. We are excited about the new year and in fact are prepping for the next printing (not a new edition, just a 2nd printing with minor corrections/additions). For those who have purchased it, if there is anything that you would like to see changed, added or corrected, please email me at paul@musicworks-atlanta.com and I'll try to incorporate the suggestions. We'll include these changes in .pdf form on our website for those who have already purchased. I appreciate your help.

    I hope everyone has a great beginning to 2005 and I look forward to meeting many of you at NAMM!

    Paul Gilreath
    MusicWorks Atlanta

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    Re: Congrats to Gary on a great year!

    Paul, thanks for the wonderful book. It was a very good investment on my part and I can't wait to see more from MusicWorks in the future. I hope you had a successful 2004 as well and I wish you a great 2005!

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    Happy new year for you too Paul!

    Really nice book you wrote, I've received it a couple of weeks ago, and can't just stop reading it, I find myself going with it everywhere... and I mean everywere


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    Re: Congrats to Gary on a great year!


    Thanks for your post and your kind words. The "Guide to Midi Orchestration" has been an inspiration to me since the first edition. It has grown from a a little more than a booklet to THE authoritative text on MIDI Orchestration. It is a must read- chock full of information. I encourage all GPO users to buy it and use it as a ready reference.

    Paul and I met five NAMMs ago, when much of my projects were but a dream, and he freely provided a great deal of advice that has been helpful in all my libraries.

    I asked Paul if he would like to display his book at our booth at NAMM (booth 6721/6921). Fortunately he agreed. If anyone would like to see the Guide or meet and talk to Paul, please visit come and visit.

    And wishing you Paul a happy and successful 2005.

    Gary Garritan

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