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Topic: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

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    Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    Some of you expressed the desire to hear my feedback of Ozone 3 from the chat the other day. Well, here it is...

    First Impression:
    Upon just plugging Ozone into the master effect out in Cubase and loading some random presets that seemed to fit what I was doing, I was instantly impressed. The user interface is friendly, but does require the user to be knowledgeable in the terminalogy required for mixing/mastering. There are a lot of adjustable parameters that will scare some people, but the impressive amount of presets present novice users with enough rough working material until they familiarize themselves with the program.

    There are a lot of presets. This is a good thing. They sound very good and are well presented and are far reaching in that they are not confined to certain categories (there are presets orchestra, pop, drum, rock, guitar, etc. etc.) It will take me a while to exhaust them and better yet is that there are more of them on iZotope's site. Nuff said.

    The Rest:
    There's a lot to be said for the equilizer, the limiter, the mastering reverb, the exciter, and the stereo expander included in this program and I don't have time to go into a lot of unneeded details. Suffice it to say that they all perform their jobs splendidly. Perhaps better than I expected. The mastering reverb included in Ozone 3 is as good as any algorithmic reverb I've used. It works well as you're only 'go to' or as a way to add that final touch on a mix. The limiter is very impressive. I am as happy with it as with Elephant from Voxengo. Very usable for increasing the overall loudness of a piece without affecting the dynamic. The EQ is very well laid out and is easy enough to figure out, even for a novice like myself. Add a point in the range you wish to adjust and drag up or down. Simple. The stereo expander is also another gem. I've been looking for a good one ever since I demoed a comparable product from Wave Arts. The one in Ozone does the job better since there are less artifacts in the resulting file. The Wave Arts suite added a lot of mud and their mastering reverb added a metallic sound to the mix. I haven't had much time to mess with exciter, but it works as well as the other FX in the program.

    I was in the market for an alternative to the myriad of offerings by Waves, Wave Arts, IK Multimedia, and I didn't want to break the bank. At the current price of 250.00 this program is well worth the asking price and then some. I was not expecting to get what I did and from my limited experience thus far, it performs just as well, if not better than these other programs. One nice thing about it, that I didn't like about the others, is that there's only one plug. You load it once and you tell it which effect you want to use and you're done. There's no loading 5 plugins. As far as CPU usage is concerned, I was pleased with the it. The program is pretty CPU friendly, even when using a large reverb and all the effects turned on. I think it performs as well in this regard as any other plug I've tried. Certianly the fact that you only load one of it affects the CPU positively. Would I rely just on it for mixing? You bet. Its the best quality/value plug on the market as far as I'm concerned. For what they're asking and what you're getting, its a steal. The mixes I produced in the last few nights with my limited experience proved its worth to me. There's also a very useful pdf available on their site detailing how best to use the plug and the information in it about mixing/mastering can be applied to just about any program out there. Its well worth downloading for the information it contains. So, anyone out there looking for a good mixing/mastering plug, take note, as I highly recommend Ozone 3 so download the demo and give it a go. I look forward to their future releases and my impending purchase of iZotopes Trash.

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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    Thanks for the thoughtful review. I tried the demo and I thought it was certainly good. I like the exciter even though everyone warns to use it most sparingly.

    Izotope makes some great products. I have their spectron and like it quite a lot for sound processing.

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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    As a good friend warns me daily, everything in moderation. Eh?

    I was wondering about Spectron. I haven't really paid it much mind, any thoughts about it and what it brings that Ozone doesn't? What kind of product is it exactly? Meanwhile, I can't wait to save up the cash for Trash. I wonder what those violins will sound like overdriven?

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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    It does a lot of wierd, but musical mangling of sound similar to NI's Spectral Delay. Like all sorts of processing in the frequency domain.

    Their website certainly can define it better than I
    "Spectron uses the Spectron Engine to split audio into thousands of frequency bands, apply effects independently to each band, and then resynthesize the audio to create entirely new sounds. It can provide delay effects, but it adds the ability to selectively delay, feedback and modulate specific ranges of frequencies. It can sound like a flanger or chorus, but with additional spectral complexity and richness. It can filter signals, but unlike an EQ it has the unique ability to morph, modulate and harmonically filter sounds.

    If you're looking for a unique sound, you've come to the right place. Spectron can be swirly, funky, electronic, organic, ambient, trippy or retro. It can be a delay, chorus, filter, flanger, panner, or morpher -- but not like any you've ever heard before. It's easy to find your own sound with Spectron, and you'll soon see what we mean when we say that Spectron offers nearly unlimited possibilities for sound design."

    Not really for orchestral type stuff. But it's great for a lot of other genres especially electronica, ambient. My favorite is making all sorts of wacky delays with chorus type smearing with it.

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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    Sounds like the FX Sound Designer I'm getting in a bundle I bought from SpinAudio. I'll let you know how it works out as well.

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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    Here's a little a test I did with Ozone 3 (hope Francesco doesn't mind ) I wanted to see how easy it was to use and get a good mix. I used the Seventh Seal Cubase file from the Garritan Demo page and and just placed Ozone as the master effects out. I did not alter the midi file at all. I loaded the orchestra preset, added some mastering reverb, applied the harmonic exciter while keeping it in moderation, and made some slight EQ adjustments. I like the pristine quality of the Ozone mix compared to the original MP3 from Gary's site, hands down. I wonder what the rest of you think? The trumpets really shine in the new one. (Personally, I'd mix the snare further in the back a little bit, but hey, everyone's got opinions. )

    Give them a listen, I'm curious as to what you think:

    New mix: http://www.lostandlonging.com/GPODem...hSealReMix.mp3
    Old MP3: http://www.lostandlonging.com/GPODem...eventhSeal.mp3

    New Cubase File (must have Ozone to use properly):

    Old files:
    Cubase - http://www.lostandlonging.com/GPODem...eventhSeal.all
    midi - http://www.lostandlonging.com/GPODem...eventhSeal.mid

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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    The Ozone treatment is outstanding, as I expected it would be. I've been using Ozone since it was first released, and it just keeps getting better. 3 is a must use...
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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    Thanks for the comparison. I could use a good mastering plug in. However, Is there some artifiacts on the drums on the Ozone version? Maybe I'm just hearing the ambience of the snare heads? I feel like in the beginning there's a little extra 'non musical-tink.' Could be my ears, I was mixing on location in a shipyard and heard a lot of non musical crap today.
    Overall, very impressive and it it's as user friendly as you say-I might bite.



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    Re: Ozone 3 thoughts for those that asked...

    Hmmm. I'll check into it, but I didn't hear any last night. Could be my shoddy mixing though. I'm still new to it, so I wouldn't be surprised if I fudged it.

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