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Topic: Old Lady & Emperor convert Giga > Kontakt

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    Old Lady & Emperor convert Giga > Kontakt

    i just got these two puppies and am interested in converting my giga versions so that i can have the option of running them on my kontakt machine if i need to.

    any advice on how to go about this? should i use the GS2 or GS3 versions and what functionality will i be losing in the conversion?

    i see that there are some .nkm's on the post site that i assume will work once the sample data is extracted from the giga files, but i'm curious if anyone else has done this.

    and is this w/in the terms of the license Michiel?

    John DeBorde

    Composer of Music for Film, TV and Interactive Media

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    Re: Old Lady & Emperor convert Giga > Kontakt

    Doesn't Kontak play Giga 2 files without converting them?

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    Re: Old Lady & Emperor convert Giga > Kontakt

    Kontakt writes its own files when opening a GS file so it doesn't just read and play them. GS3 isn't supported yet.

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    Re: Old Lady & Emperor convert Giga > Kontakt

    I had problems doing the conversion in Kontakt. Konakt likes everything in one folder & it didn't convert like that. Kept asking where .wav files were located unendingly.
    I would suggest getting a Kontakt version disc. That works right away.

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