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Topic: Optimizing System for GPO

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    Post Optimizing System for GPO

    Hi all,

    I am new to using GPO.

    I am using GPO with the provided VST host. Because of how I plan to playback my sequences, I cannot use the internal DXi host of my sequencer (Sonar). Except for a very high load time (close to a minute sometimes), the utility seems to function great. I am using the ASIO driver of my MIA-MIDI (echo audio) card at 512 samples latency. My system is a 2.4 GHz P4 w/Hyperthreading, 2GB RAM, and a dedicated sample drive (80GB).

    I prepared a 17 track sequence of a moderately orchestrated piece, using 7 out of the 8 available instances of GPO and 17 loaded instruments. The host's internal reverb was bypassed.

    During sequencing and playback, I got very bad clicking and lurching as I added more instruments. The CPU monitor in the bottom toolbar of the GPO VST host was maxing out at close to 100% and even higher at times.

    Now, I don't have anything to judge this against (as I'm new), but it seems strange that I am maxing out at 17 loaded instruments given my pretty-powerful system. I've read that some are able to get all 64 channels at once with 1GB of RAM.

    A user on the NI forums reported that hyperthreading was the cause of a similar lurching problem. My system is acting as if it doesn't have enough processor to handle what I'm doing. It is, however, not doing that much... Does anyone have experience with HT on GPO systems? I have no problem turning HT off. I am really looking foward to figuring out what this bug is so I can get back to the music.

    Thanks for help in advance!


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    Re: Optimizing System for GPO

    There is a ton of debate about whether hyperthreading is valuable or not for computers that are used for music production. Everyone I have come in contact with says, "TURN IT OFF!" I have GPO, and just recently purchased Gigastudio, and the Giga users also seem to agree to "TURN IT OFF" too. I have never been a person to mess around in the BIOS of a computer, but if you know how to get into the BIOS, "TURN IT OFF!" I have it turned off and everything runs super smooth.


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    Re: Optimizing System for GPO

    I'm primarily a Mac guy, but when I built a PC last year for use with GPO and other samplers (similar specs to yours, in a Shuttle XPC box), I used the tips on some PC audio web sites to optimize my system...can't remember all the steps off the top of my head....but I'm definitely getting much better performance that you describe. Here is one good source for XP audio optimization advice:


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    Re: Optimizing System for GPO

    I posted the steinberg advise here on the forum about (heavily) tweaking XP for music - its really good.
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    Re: Optimizing System for GPO

    I have hyperthreading enabled in my BIOS and it doesn't cause any issues. But you may to check if this support is enabled in Sonar. If it is, then disable it. Found on my system that I was getting pops and clicks with it turned on. Was also getting higher CPU usage with it enabled.

    Also, disabled DFD to make sure it is not causing issues. GPO doesn't really benefit from it with 2 GB of memory.

    Used to load up 50 instruments in my 2.4 GHz system with no problems in the past.

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    Re: Optimizing System for GPO

    This sounds like a latency problem, unrelated to RAM. Agree with Haydn on disabling DFD.

    You might try upping your buffer size to 1024, just for a test. A 512 buffer corresponds to 11.6ms latency, which is medium low. 1024 would put you up around 20ms.

    BTW, load time can be affected by the "Lock Memory" option on the options display. Load times can improve dramatically if this option is "off".

    EDIT: Just curious what it is that prevents you from using VSTi's directly in SONAR.

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