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Topic: modulation-wheel problems

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    Exclamation modulation-wheel problems


    I've read about a lot of modulation-wheel problems but can't find any sollution for my problem. I'm using the garritan orchestra as a vst-plugin in cubase sx2 and my modulation-wheel doesn't work at all. It works when i use the application of the orchestra but not in cubase. Just doing nothing! :-|
    Perhaps somebody my help me
    thanks a lot


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    Re: modulation-wheel problems

    Are you saying that the mod-wheel responds properly when GPO is used standalone, but not inside your sequencer? If that is the case, with a little more information (sequencer brand as well as controller), then there's someone here who's bound to have the same setup and can give you some things to check on.

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    Re: modulation-wheel problems

    For midi-controling I am using a KAWAI StagePiano MP9000 with a Pitch Bend and a Modulation wheel. Setup: Steinberg VSL2020, WindowsXP, CubaseSX2! Other VST-Plugins are doing fine with the modulation-wheel like the halion string edition Vol.1 ! So I don't know why it dosn't work.
    Thank you very much for your reply

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