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Topic: How do you tune instrument samples?

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    How do you tune instrument samples?


    just wondering what methods you take to tune instrument samples? I recently purchased someone's instrument and it somehow was out of tune, and its in soundfont format. What is the best solution to tuning many samples so that they are under "true" tunings? By that I mean when you use a guitar tuner, it runs under almost perfect sound.

    I have adobe audition if anyone can guide me with that, and maybe another program to work with soundfonts?



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    Re: How do you tune instrument samples?

    You could try this,

    Chromatia Tuner from www.fmjsoft.com


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    Re: How do you tune instrument samples?

    okay but how do you actually do it? I mean explain the process. I know that audition has a pitch shifting effect, but its like, how do you get the samples themselves out and back into their proper layers without messing things up? I used autotune on awave demo with key shifting. It gets the octaves messed up, so then I have to go through each one to somehow fix it. It's very time consuming. Just checking if theres any better way


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    Re: How do you tune instrument samples?


    sorry to be a nuisance but can someone please tell me in more detail how to do this? I currently am using awave demo and adobe audition, any tips please?


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