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Topic: Why on earth can I not make a KS program?

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    Why on earth can I not make a KS program?

    Hi all,
    This is what I am trying to do. I am taking two EWQLSO Gold programs and make them into a KS program. The first has five groups and the second has two. I turn off EDIT ALL and set groups 1-5 to start on Key C0. Next I create two blank groups and copy over the zones from the 2nd EW patch into the the new blank ones on the first patch. I then change each of these new ones to start on key c#0 (this also happens to be an up/dn alt patch I am bringing in so I add round robin).
    Suddenly some (usually group five) takes on all of the parameters of the new start on key and round robin IN ADDITION to the ones it already had. Then I noticed it took the envelopes of a different group. Suddenly the whole this is rendered unusable. To sum up changing a Group start on one almost randomly effects a completely different group with EDIT ALL turned OFF.
    Is there a different way to create new KS programs that I am missing or is this a bug in the software? Any help from Kontakt gurus would be most welcome.

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    Re: Why on earth can I not make a KS program?

    This happened to me when I was creating an instrument a few weeks ago. Sorry I can't give you a definitive guide to fixing the problem as I'm not sure why it ended up working for me. I'll tell you this, it was a pain working through it though.

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