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Topic: GS3 succes story

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    Smile GS3 succes story

    Since there has been so many post about problems with the new gigastudio, I thought I would just share my yesterday's experience with installing the new baby (v.3.01).

    Short story: It works like a charm, no problems installing!

    System (dedicated GS3) machine:
    P4 3,4Ghz northwood on a ASUS-P4C800-E-deluxe
    2 gigs (2x2matched pairs of 512Mb) of Dane-elec Dual channel RAM
    Zalman CNPS7000B-CU CPU cooler.
    M-Audio Delta44 with GSIF 2.0
    250GB Maxtor SATA 7200 for samples
    80GB Maxtor for system
    160GB Seagate for capturing
    Win XP-home SP2 clean install
    no other programs installed on computer.

    No tweaks or BIOS updates, apart from switching to "best performance" in the windows hardware manager.

    GS installed without a glitch, the serial number came in a mail from TASCAM within an hour or so. MIDI over LAN+ was immediately recognized in GS, so soon I was good to go.

    I am quite amazed at the amount of really usable sounds bundled with GS3. Gigapiano II is much better than I expected, and gigapulse is definately a quantum leap in terms of realism..

    I put together a small sobby out-of-the-box cue with GPII and the Sonic Implants Sordino strings:


    For those interested in comparing wirh the 24bit original, try this link: (13 MB)


    I was sitting on the fence for some months and deciding whether to jump on the wagon. I am really happy I took the chance!

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    Re: GS3 succes story


    Welcome aboard. I too waited as well- perhaps too long. It really is a wonderful upgrade. GPII has it's place, but honesty I didn't think it could pull off this mellow genre - good job.

    It will be interesting to note developers work with embedding GP into their libraries.

    If you own VSL - they have new articulations (combining many former patches into one). Ram intensive but quite convenient and useful.

    Rob Elliott Music

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