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Topic: Kontakt Volume Problem

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    Kontakt Volume Problem

    Hi everyone. Happy Holidays!

    I am experiencing the strangest problem in Kontakt 1.5. When I load the Nylon guitar that comes with Kontakt into a brand new empty sequence in DP4.5 the Volume in Kontakt automatically re-sets itself to 0 upon playing the sequence.

    To troubleshoot, I created a new DP file with only the audio instrument for the Kontakt player but no midi instrument. That is, there is absolutely no midi data in the file. I loaded the factory preset nylon guitar into the instance of Kontakt associated with that audio instrument. But again, when I hit play with this configuration the volume knob in the Kontakt instrument resets itself to 0.

    I also noticed that the little midi indicator in the instrument strip for the Nylon guitar in Kontakt does not blink. Since there is no data coming from DP4.5 I am guessing that this isnt a DP issue. As a relative newbie to Kontakt I would greatly appreciate the wisdom of any that care to offer their help.

    Many Thanks

    Andy Brick
    Phone: 917-327-0293
    Email: andy@andybrick.com
    Web: http://www.andybrick.com
    AIM: andybrick
    Skype: andrewbrick

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    Re: Kontakt Volume Problem

    Hey Andy...Totally weird. Sounds almost like a CC# message is reseting the volume on Kontakt to 0 but from a note on message from you Keys. Kontakt obviously is not defaulted to do this....
    I know your busy guy so instead of trying everything I would just uninstal and reinstal. Also check your Keyboard controler to make sure its not sending any extraneous midi messages to Kontakt..Best, Rich

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