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Topic: RMX - Out of Memory

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    Red face RMX - Out of Memory

    Has anyone encountered this?
    Using RMX with SX3, 2 GB ram, nothing else loaded.

    If I browse lots of grooves, maybe load several different channels up, then delete a few, browse some more, occasionly RMX will say "out of memory" and won't load anymore.

    Unloading all but 1 groove does not help this. It still says the same. Only way out is to close instance of RMX and re-load.


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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    Yes I have had that same experience. 2.5 athlon, 1 gig of ram.
    I'll be browsing through the sounds and as I'm browsing I'm watching the amount of memory being used by RMX rise. I stop browsing and it stays at the current RAM readout. I continue browsing, it uses more RAM. When I get to the around 950mb, protools stops responding, or takes like 30 seconds to a minute to respond to any action. This usually happens when I've loaded at least 5 channels with sounds (no fx).

    I don't know if this is normal or not. A fix that I found works is to save your current settings, switch to "Kit" mode, and then back to your saved settings. Then the RAM usage seems to return to normal for a while.

    Dylan Schiavone

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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    The "out of memory" condition in RMX is not recoverable. If you get that, just save your work and restart your host.

    Making RMX consume 950Mb is pretty difficult :-). You'd have to load 8 large groove menus. But, if you'd like to do that, just make sure you have that much virtual memory available to RMX after your host and other plugins stake their claims on memory. Also, make sure your paging file is set to accomodate several Gb...the "out of memory" message is not referring to RAM, it is referring to virtual memory.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    I can only report what my OS is telling me.

    I restart my computer.....Task Manager reports memory usage at 90mb

    Launch PT...... 203 mb

    Open my current RMX session (without RMX) 251mb

    Reload the saved version of RMX which constisted of 5 channels of sound
    menu...... 583mb

    About 10-12 clicks to audition in the elements menu (in one of the 5 channels already being used) and I'm up to 681mb.
    Will not go back down, even if I let it remain inactive.

    10 more clicks 708mb
    switch channels 10 more clicks 807 mgs
    switch channels 24 more clicks and I am up to 950mgs of ram

    I am not playing anything sequenced. I am just auditioning different
    menss in the elements veiw.

    I press play in my host, takes 10 seconds to respond. I'm at 991mg

    Press play again host will not play but I get curser back

    Press play again...takes 20 seconds but starts playing.
    Tried one last time, about 20 seconds but won't play.

    I am running this through FXwrapper BTW.

    Dylan Schiavone

    Digi 001 - WinXP PRO - PT V. 6.4
    Asus K8V SE Deluxe
    Kingston PC4000 HYPERX -k RT 2 x 512
    CPU AMD 64 3400+ ATHLON 64
    Western Digital 80 gig - System
    Western Digital 80 gig - Audio

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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    It's unusual to consume 700Mb of memory in RMX, but not impossible, especially if you're using the largest suites in the core library (a few of the sound menus are huge).

    It's hard to believe you're getting an "out of memory" message when using only 950Mb, though. Are you sure? If so, that indicates some problem with your paging file.

    Regarding PT stuttering, you should check with Digidesign since RMX is not available/supported on windows RTAS. But, remember that 1Gb is the minimum memory requirement for RMX. In the worst case scenario of simultaneously loading several of the largest elements in the core library, you may need more.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    I think you might be right....
    I don't think that I have virtual memory enabled. Thanks for the help.

    Dylan Schiavone

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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    I have the "out of memory" problem to.
    Why does RMX not release memory when you unload patches?

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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    First of all, sorry about the confusion....I'm not recieving "out of memory" by RMX, just very slow and stalled performance which I described above.

    Secondly, I'm somewhat of a new XP user, so what I was listing as my RAM usage in the earlier blow by blow report of RAM usage was actually my page file....which I had set to an Initial 768 and a Maximum 1536. Now I have it set to initial and max of 1536mb......I have 1 gig of ram

    Still having the same problem. If I do a lot of "auditioning" of elements, it seems to keep increase my page file usage. Lets say I load up all 8 tracks, and my usage is nearing it's peak and it will barely play back.....if I close and restart RMX, it plays back ok, with a PF reading of much lower.
    So it's like RMX is taking up memory when I audition files, but never releases it.


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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    I have come across quite a few people having this problem in the last 2 weeks. Worrying!
    More worrying is the lack of reply from Spectrum, who is normally very quick to explain certain problems.
    Could this mean that it is a known problem and being addressed before a response can be made??



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    Re: RMX - Out of Memory

    Don't worry....the PC stuff is not my area of expertise.

    GlennO is the principal software brain behind RMX, so you are in more than capable hands.....he's got much more info than I do.

    There's also this little thing coming next week called NAMM.....;-)


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