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Topic: What a nice break . . .

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    What a nice break . . .

    I haven't been around for quite a while . . . since I am not currently in my college dorm, I must suffer with dial-up and phone-line sharing with four siblings and two parents. But I shall return more often once college is in session again . . .

    I had a great Christmas a recieved a beautiful keyboard! A nice Casio WK-3500. It's not really professional . . . nothing a rich film composer would ever consider using, but it has a mod wheel, a slot for floppy disks, MIDI capabilities, so I'm very happy about it. What I don't have are the connections to hook it to the computer, so you'll have to wait for my first demo made with a mod wheel.

    Speaking of demos, I haven't had much time to download any.

    Also, I'm not sure what to spend time composing next. My intent was to write as much as I could during this break, but I am just a lazy man of high hopes. I have some great new ideas for several new pieces, but I have no idea what I'll get around to doing. I have a symphony that may just have to stay unfinished, and I really don't feel like writing any more movements to that serenade . . . Lazy me . . . so I'm not sure what I'll write next . . .

    I hope every had a merry Christmas!

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    Re: What a nice break . . .

    Sean, welcome back, it sounds like Christmas was very good to you


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    Re: What a nice break . . .

    Sean, nice to see you're back and hope you got some well-deserved rest. (I know I didn't)
    Lazy huh? Well, you're not alone.

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    Re: What a nice break . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    but I am just a lazy man of high hopes.
    Now if you were me over Christmas you’d have been a high man with lazy hopes. Did he say that? Naaaaah!


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