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Topic: Little piece done with Synful

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    Little piece done with Synful

    Yesterday I made this small piece, with Synful, just in time before my trial ends.

    violin, cello, bass, clarinet, horn and bassoon.

    The glocken is from Silver.


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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    Sounds great - lovely piece with lots of expression, lots of variation within the sounds.

    Did you have to do much 'post performance' tidying up to make it sound right?

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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    Quote Originally Posted by awpmusic
    I'm sorry I just don't know what all the fuss is about - to my ears Sybful sounds like a cheap synth. Why would you want to use that when you have Siler/Gold/Platinum?

    Perhaps you should goto the other related thread .....

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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    I like your piece, very nice!

    Hm, well the sound of synful could be improved of cource, but I don´t know an other synth which creates such expressive lines, and that´s the point.
    Just my 2 cent.


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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    What really strikes me on this very good demo is the sting accomp part - very expressive and real sound to my ears.


    (did you have to do a lot of post editing to get that expressive - not just volume but held note swells?)
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    Thanks guys for comments.

    About the post editing, just on clarinet I adjusted some overlapping when I needed more legato, just because I do it not well with keyboard (I play guitar)

    All lines are played in real time. Most effects can be done with you fingers once you understand the logic. Just a dosage of pressure and overlapping. The rest is done by the phrasing interpreter (ehr...well, the only thing I know is that I didnt do it ).

    The only volume control drawing is on final chord to achieve a smooth crescendo from zero. No other controllers drawed into the piece.

    Ditto on what Michael said about Synful.


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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    Hmmm , I know how 'long' I have to work in VSL PE to get these results. This may be an excellent 'companion' (doubler) product now and even 'replacement' product later. The potential seems very bright for this technology.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    Yes, I think that as people are getting Synful in their hands the quality of demos is improving by leaps and bounds!! The string work on this is outstanding. How did you achieve the ensemble effect- how many violins, played seperately or copied data, etc. It sounds excellent.

    Nice tune as well, btw!!

    (A thought- if you have a traditional string lib I'd love to hear this with the strings doubled with samples as a comparison.)

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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    ditto on Fred and Craig's question.....

    Thanks (the imagination goes wild with what is possible to do in string arrangements - especially in accomp - without the 'sucking' sound. This string accomp seem to have fluidity and real 'motion' and expression.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Little piece done with Synful

    Thanks Craig!

    Fred: Thanks! loved your examples too. About the ensemble effect...well...I have to say that I didnt anything to achieve it. There are on average 2 or 3 violins playing divisi. I just played all on a single track. Same for cello. I didnt applied any strings doubling. I just tried to apply the pressure and legato that I felt sounded better and trying to alternate legato and non-legato notes to achieve more expressivity.

    My guess is that the ensemble effect is due to the fact I applied an Hall reverb setup (that I'm more used to and I prefer), instead of a chamber one, most used for single instruments.

    Edit: hehe Rob, you were faster .

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