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Topic: Score Editor in Cubase

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    Score Editor in Cubase

    This is my first post. I am a complete novice and have just set myself up with a combination of GPO and Cubase SE. My first task will be to create projects from a whole load of MIDI files which I created previously with my Yamaha keyboard. However, I have found that when I import a MIDI file into Cubase, when I look at the Score Editor it is complete gobbledegook - just lots of weird symbols. Does anyone know what this is and can it be corrected?

    Also, I am not finding it easy to playback GPO sounds within Cubase. In fact, I haven't succeeded at all yet. I have seen instructions elsewhere which say that you should select GPO from the Virtual Instruments part of the menu. However, I don't understand how to do this. When I look at this, all I see are the ones which come built into Cubase. I didn't find the Cubase manual very helpful here either. I looked in vain for a section on adding VSTs.

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    Re: Score Editor in Cubase

    I do remember a bug like this with score, but unfortunately I cant remember hte solution. It has something to do with fonts.

    best search this question in steinberg's SX forum (which has just been revamped.
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    Re: Score Editor in Cubase

    This is a known bug in Cubase. I do not renember exactly the fix, but you have to do something with your Font folder. The solution is available at http://www.cubase.net. This is where I got it from when I had the same problem.

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    Re: Score Editor in Cubase

    Most likely the reason GPO doesnt show up in your Cubase Virtual instrument list is that you need to didnt install the GPO VSTi to the folder that Cubase uses for virtual instruments. You can fix this - insert the GPO cd1, and start the installer. Make sure you choose to install ONLY the VSTi of GPO and nothing else, and choose for the destination the VSTplugins folder under your Cubase SE directory on your hard drive. If you still cant seem to get at GPO in Cubase SE, then you can also try to install only the VSTi to the main Steinberg directory's VSTplugin folder. Normally this is C:\Program Files\Steingerg\VSTplugins

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    Re: Score Editor in Cubase

    Jeff, Thank you very much for your help on this one. In theory, the company who supplied the machine were supposed to install and configure the software. Perhaps I expected too much.


    Alan Harrison

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