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Topic: Best midi keyboard for GPO?

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    Question Best midi keyboard for GPO?

    I'm going to break down and buy a midi keyboard in the hopes that it will speed along the note input into GPO. I will not be using this to play in a band, etc, so no on board synth is needed. Also, I'm a little cramped for room where the computer is located.
    Any recommendations? What's the best bang for the buck?

    How many keys?
    How many controllers?
    I'm sure I should get a touch sensitive keyboard.

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    Re: Best midi keyboard for GPO?

    I don't think there is any one controller best for GPO it will be more of a matter of your personal taste and preferences. If you can get out to a music store and try a few that may be advantageous in helping you decide. I did at Guitar Center and the staff was more than helpful. Although I distantly recall someone saying that having control knobs and sliders would be a plus especially with the updated version of GPO. Just make sure it has a mod wheel!
    Hope this helps.

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