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Topic: GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

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    GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

    Does anyone here use both GS 3 Orchestra and Kontakt 1.5?
    I currently use GS 2.5 96 and am trying to decide which way to go.
    I think GS is still probably the most robust disk streaming sampler but would like to know the benefits drawbacks to GS Orch and Kontakt 1.5.

    I can upgrade to GS Orch from GS 2.5 for $349 or GS Ensemble for $149 or
    upgrade to full Kontakt 1.5 from the Kompakt player that came with GOLD for $249.


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    Re: GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

    Why not download the Kontakt demo and see if you like it...

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    Re: GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

    Hehehe. I didn't realize they had a demo. Installed it.
    But it looks like there is alot more in GS3 than what you get with Kontakt.


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    Re: GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

    you simply canot compare Kontakt to GS3.
    Kontakt is good for mac guys so they have anything right into their logic or whatever.
    If you are really into Orchestration GS3 is performing way better.
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    Re: GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

    I can appreciate the power of GS3 but I just purchased GOLD which is a Kompakt instrument and it works well in CuBase. So that is basically my Orchestra and I use Giga for things like Piano and solo instruments. But for the price GS3 is probably much better and I'm leaning that way.


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    Re: GS3 or Kontakt 1.5?

    OK so GS3 Ensemble is basically the upgraded version of GS2 160? It appears to have everything Orchestra does except polyphony is limited to 160 and it can only play back GigaPulse as it doesn't have the GigaPulse Pro plugin.
    I guess I could squeak by with out for the time being.

    I can upgrade to GS3 ensemble now for $149 then upgrade to Orch later for $200.


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