Hi there,
1)I have a question about assigning controllers to filter. I layered a drum set and I want to assign (let's say, controller 82 and 81) controllers to filter cutoff and resonance for all regions. But anytime I enable the conrollers in the editor, I hear the velocity controlling the resonance also. I do not want the "velocity" to control the filter but others(ex.cont.81-82). But I could not manage to do it. I will go mad. Before I was using Bitheadz Unity. There was a modulation page and the velocity never would control the filter unless u want it to and define it in this page. So anyone has any idea about it ?
2)Another "strange" thing is : when I am defining a region and put its unity note down, more than two octaves or so, the sample starts not to play at the correct pitch according to my unity note but it only plays at the original pitch instead. Take a kick sample and layer it to whole keyboard with the pitch tracking ON. What do you hear when you go above two octaves and more according to the unity note ? Does the pitch tracking still work ? The funny thing is : I don't get this problem when I go two octaves below the unity note. If you are pitching down, you can go as far as you want. I am confused...
Please help.
Thanks in advance.