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Topic: ASIO Sound Card drivers

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    ASIO Sound Card drivers

    From reading many posts there seems to be a consensus that the SoundBlaster Live card I have may not be the best for GPO Studio, and I am having some irritating problems. In the Troubleshooting area there is an answer about ASIO drivers suggesting the use of a utility called kX Audio Driver which provides ASIO capability if you have Creative Labs Soundblaster cards.

    Since this is a free program, I thought about trying this first (only spend money if you have to) before going out and buying a new sound card.

    Does anyone have experience with this driver, and is it reasonably easy to set up, etc.?

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    Re: ASIO Sound Card drivers

    Either the kX or ASIO4ALL drivers are a good alternative to the standard Soundblaster drivers.

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