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Topic: How can it be (pop with GPO!)

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    How can it be (pop with GPO!)

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a work-in-progress version of a new pop song I'm working on:
    How can it be (3.7 MB)

    The piano is GPO's excellent Steinway - which does a marvellous job even in pop music, if you ask me! I also used Artist Drums, a SampleTank bass and Logic's EVB3 organ. The guitar and vocals are real - both by yours truly.

    I need to redo the lead vocal and work and the mix a bit more... otherwise the song is pretty much done. I'm open to suggestions though.

    Jim Offerman

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    Re: How can it be (pop with GPO!)


    Loved your song

    Steinway sounds great - it comes across like a real piano, not a digital recreation (even though technically it is).

    I could hear some GPO strings playing a rhythmic part over the chorus - really help it to lift. There again my ears are always playing funny tricks on me!

    Looking forward to hearing the full version,

    As in music - so in life!

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    Re: How can it be (pop with GPO!)

    Thanks Mark! The Steinway does sound great - it has really improved the sound of my music tremendously. I would have rather used a real Steinway though, but that's just a far away dream for now (which I'll hope will someday be a reality..)

    I think I'll save those violins for other songs. This track is the first of ten new tracks I'm recording for my new album... there's going to be plenty of strings on the album anyway, so I don't want to feature them in every song and bore everybody out of their skulls

    Jim Offerman

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