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Topic: About this GigaPulse VST...

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    Question About this GigaPulse VST...

    Okay, I am reading a lot about the GigaPulse being available as a VST plug-in some time in the future.

    My question is... will this VST only work in conjunction with GigaStudio version 3? Or, will it still work okay for people who still use GigaStudio version 2.54?

    Or, since it's gonna be a VST plug-in, will it work regardless. Just wondering. Thank you..... Gary

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    Re: About this GigaPulse VST...

    Since it's a VST plug in, it should in any program that supports VSTs. I doubt it would work in GS 2.54 because it doesn't support VST plug ins, but if you were playing GS though a sequencer, that should work.

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