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Topic: 1st attempt with Gold to create-

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    1st attempt with Gold to create-


    Here is my first attempt using EWQLSO Gold. I call it "Say You Will". Please understand that i am new to arranging anything not Rock and roll related. Thanks for the listen!

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    Re: 1st attempt with Gold to create-

    I like it, but I think you should rethink the part with the high violin at :54. There's too much violin throughout the whole piece, and it doesn't sound all that great in the higher registers. Maybe you could substitute the violin with a clarinet or flute. If you wanted it to be more dramatic, lead into that section with a crescendo and a cymbol crash, add some timpani/more percussion and give the violin part away to some growling french horns. I think that would sound great.

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    Re: 1st attempt with Gold to create-

    Yea, now see this kind of info is what i need... I've not even heard an SO live before, and just creating from the hip here. 3 chord rock is my forte... Thanks for the advice, much work to be done/ideas to try and learning curves to achieve...

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