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Topic: Short Synful Improv

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    Short Synful Improv

    I really think this technology has potential. He is my first improv using it. Just went through each string instrument (fix a couple of flubs) but generally just jamming around with it. Lots to learn, but this is encouraging.


    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Short Synful Improv

    Nice Rob, has some Irish feel in the part in major.

    A suggestion, I've noticed that Synful has some good benefits from adding a lot of early reflections.

    you have 14 days left to enjoy...


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    Re: Short Synful Improv

    Rob, that sounds really good!

    I'm pretty close to having a wishlist for the developers of Synful. In fact, in brief:

    1) I'd love to be able to hear more variation in the bow scrape (or whatever transieent sound is applicible to a given intstrument) on sustained notes. I think that would help the sound a lot.

    2) Everything I do has at least one note that does something totally weird and unpredictable (and unlikeable) somewhere with the "delay for expression' enabled that actally sounds better with it off. Some degree of control over that function, preferably controlable as a sequence plays would be really nice.

    And some other little nits for Synful 3.0

    And then I'm ready to see Synful take on guitar. I played the violin for a guy the other day and he basically said if it can do a violin, it must be able to do guitar!! You'd think..

    (The other thing he said was "keyboard players are going to rule the earth...")

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    Re: Short Synful Improv

    Thanks Luca and Fred,

    This has real promise. Good idea on the 'early relections'. I just grabbed a quick large hall/stage IR for SIR - not even really thinking about proper mix. I'll horse around with that in the next 14 days.

    Fred - some really good suggestions. One thing about this library is it has to be played in real time - for greatest realism. In my improv I guess I got a tad excited and pushed the tempo (but you can obviously go back and fix flubs.)

    My VSL PE woodwinds are still the best IMHO - but this violin WILL replace my VSL solo strings. Can't wait to double a VLn section to give it some character.

    Haven't even played the trumpet yet

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Short Synful Improv

    Thanks Rob....that was great. I wonder how it would sound transposed up an octave. I always think of a jig being played higher for some reason.

    Terribly realistic most of the time....amazing really.... You could get close to this with samples, but only with a hell of a lot of patient tweaking!

    To put a synthesized violin in front of picky folk like us, without the mask of some backing, and for it still to sound real is astounding IMvHO. I haven't heard a sampled violin sounding like this is such an exposed situation.


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    Re: Short Synful Improv

    Thanks Frank - that's it for me. If a library can be played 'out of the box' with little midi tweaking, eq - then it is just going to save us time and/or increase results.

    I think this violin would sound OK oct higher. One of things I like about Synful is that it sounds better than most sampled counterparts higher up(they get a little thin and squeeky.)

    Rob Elliott Music

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