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Topic: Little Symphony! (At last)

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    Little Symphony! (At last)

    Hello, Everyone. At last, I finished the GPO version of my first little symphony (I had posted the first movement a while ago).

    I fixed the 1st movement and completed the other 3. As i said in the previous post, the main idea of this little work is to be a part of a portfolio I´ll show to a composition teacher (still looking over here for one) to continue my composition studies.

    Here are the links:


    Sorry that the files are zip. The server doesn´t allow me to put mp3 there...

    Hope you like them and any comments are welcome.

    Be well and thanks for listening
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Talking Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    Hi Keol,
    I listened to your Allegro and loved it (I apparently missed it’s first posting)! It had some beautiful themes that really spoke to me. I also loved the sound you were able to achieve with GPO! Bravo!

    Are you really sure you need a teacher? I think your writing is simply superb – at least on the Allegro as well as the other compositions I have heard by you. Keep up the great work!

    I am looking forward to downloading the other movements (Dial-up – Yuk!) when time allows. Thank you for sharing this with us!


    We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

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    Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    wow! thanks a lot for the very kind words William... but yes. I still need a teacher whenever I hear a Beethoven work I realize how far i am from where I want to be musically.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the comments and i hope you like the other 3 movs as well
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Question Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    Beautiful orchestration and wonderful dynamics!
    Keol, what is your method of inputting the notes and dynamics?
    What software are you using?
    Just curious what everybody is using.

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    Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    This is quite a project - Little Symphony is an understatement - almost 17 minutes of music. Your writing is fantastic!

    I took the liberty of posting the mp3s on the GPO site. Here are the links.I encourage everyone to listen. Jose did some amazing work. The Allegro is triumphant. The string work is amazing - and the woodwinds too. Nice dynamics (surprising at times) and excellent balance. I also liked the string work on the menuetto-scherzo. The Finale brought everything together very nicely. Nice use of the brass and the string runs and trems were great.

    Keol, this is amazing. I hope you don't mind if this gets posted on the GPO site and perhaps played on the Radio Station.

    I think your composition teacher will be quite pleased. I would be happy to write you a letter of recommendation to your teacher and I wish you well in your music studies.

    Thanks for posting your Little Symphony

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    Great work Jose... Very nice compositions...

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    Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    thanks a lot for all the comments!

    Gary: I´d be honoured if this gets posted in the GPO site and the radio station. thanks!
    thanks also for hosting the mp3, it´ll be easier for people to get them with no need of unzipping. thanks a lot for taking the bother of hosting them in the GPO. (this is grrrreat!)

    bnlsrv: here´s the process at far sight. I wrote it in Finale, and then imported the midi into sonar. Then I created a volume and a velocity envelope for each track, since I don´t have a keyboard with mod wheel. Playing with both envelopes, gives me the dynamics I want. that´s pretty much it.

    Thanks again! this really encourages me to insist on walking the musical path. thanks for the recommendation letter offer, if I need it someday, I will ask you. thanks a lot!
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Thumbs up Re: Little Symphony! (At last)


    This is simply stunning. I have only listened to the first part so far and I am already amazed . This is the real deal. I wish I could do that . (I’m a classical music aficionado trapped in a rock drummer’s body). You music is both enjoyable and very helpful to me to learn how to really do it. Astounding work sir!

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: Little Symphony! (At last)

    Hello Keol,

    very nice composition and orchestration. I wish I could do that. Beautiful sound!

    Thank you for sharing

    Best regards

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    Little Symphony did its job! (At last)

    The little symphony did its job!!

    As some of you already know, I´m attending the 1st semester of regular music program at a university. Today I was called by the composition teacher. He and the Dean heard the little symphony and decided that even though I´m studying the 1st semester of the regular program, I can start attending the composition and orchestration lessons in 5th semester! (This, of course, means that I have to double my homeworks and I´m really scared... but incredibly happy!)

    when I asked for their opinion of the work, they looked up like saying "yyyyeah, it´s nice, but it´s not great". But if they told me to attend those courses, there must be something in it. The Dean, however, said that indeed I have a lot of imagination, which is the most important thing to be expected in a composer, but that I don´t have the knowledge and the elements yet, which is what I´m going to get in the composition course. That´s why they approved the idea

    I´m happy!!!!! and thanks to all for your support and the good luck wishes!

    See you here or in the chat.

    Peace and well
    José Miguel Serrano

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