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Topic: Looking for Vibes and Stereo Suitcase TRhodes for Giga

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    Looking for Vibes and Stereo Suitcase TRhodes for Giga

    Does anyone have any suggestions for two favorite sounds I’m looking for in the giga world? The first is a classic Fender Rhodes suitcase Piano. For those of us of a certain age, the “Suitcase Rhodes” was the classic sound popularized by Herbie Hancock, Chick Korea, Amad Jamal and Bill Evans. It should not be confused with the stage piano and absolutely not with the DX7. I’m particularly interested in the stereo tremolo that was so much a part of classic recordings from the 60s.
    The second favorite instrument is a good sample of vibes, both motorized and nonmotorized with all manner of mallets. I thought that the DS Soundware Ultimate Orchestral Percussion Library would have that, but it doesn’t. Any thoughts. The motor speed and depth should be user controllable. That goes for the speed and depth on the tremolo for the Rhodes as well.
    Any suggestions appreciated, particularly if they come with personal recommendations or links to mp3 examples.

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    Re: Looking for Vibes and Stereo Suitcase TRhodes for Giga

    Have you checked out Cool Vibes from ArtVista?:


    As for the Rhodes it does seem as if most developers have concentrated on the stage piano – I’m sure you’re aware of the Scarbee RSP 73 and there’s also stage pianos from www.precisionsound.net and www.realsamples.de .

    There are a couple of suitcase sample sets for Giga, though, like this one from BiggaGiggas:


    and this one from VRSound:



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    Re: Looking for Vibes and Stereo Suitcase TRhodes for Giga

    Cool Vibes has a very natural and realistic sound, but the motor speed is not adjustable. The Suitcase Rhodes is the same instrument as the Stage, but with a stereo solid-state amp and auto-pan, which should be easily duplicated with an amp simulator and panner...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Thumbs up Re: Looking for Vibes and Stereo Suitcase TRhodes for Giga

    If you're after the original Rhodes stereo tremolo effect, you won't get closer than what the guys at Scarbee have just released as a VST plugin - the VKFX.

    It's damn near impossible to actually sample certain types of effect - like the Rhodes tremolo and Leslie stuff, mainly because they are a blanket effect which covers all samples simultaneously, and sampling (by nature) involves recording each sample individually. If you DO record a slow tremolo or leslie effect with each sample, when you play them all together they won't be in sync. You also don't end up with much control unless you record a new sample for every possible speed and depth you require. It's simply not practical to embed that kind of processing at the sample level.

    Scarbee realised this when developing the RSP 73 Rhodes and EP200 Wurlitzer - both of which have 'signature' tremolo effects - and he decided to do something about it. The stereo tremolo in the VKFX acts and sounds just like the originals. You can choose panning tremolo with a square wave - like the Fender Suitcase, or you can switch to mono tremolo with more of a triangle wave - like the Wurli. They both sound 100% authentic, especially when you run Thomas' incredibly detailed EP reproductions through them. You also get bonuses like being able to sync your tremolo to midi tempo, other effects like tube amp modelling, retro compression, spring reverb, multiple phase shifter and chorus unit models, string ensemble processing, hotrod Rhodes EQ, overdrive, tape delay modelling, envelope filter, preset morphing etc., All coded by a couple of guys with a history of very high profile coding-for-audio accomplishments.

    You can check out the VKFX here:


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    Re: Looking for Vibes and Stereo Suitcase TRhodes for Giga

    Thanks, everyone for the responses. I never thought about the complexities of sampling Leslie and stereo tremolo. Once that was explained, it made perfect sense. AGain, thanks everyone. I'll check out the Scarp thing at the NAMM show.

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