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Topic: DFHS & Kontakt?

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    DFHS & Kontakt?

    Since i'm OS 9.2.2 , can DFHS be opened with Kontakt?
    I know the Superior instrument wont do os 9...

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    Re: DFHS & Kontakt?

    Quote Originally Posted by hebjam
    Since i'm OS 9.2.2 , can DFHS be opened with Kontakt?
    I know the Superior instrument wont do os 9...
    This version will work with OS-9 with the downloadable update.


    - Doug

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    Re: DFHS & Kontakt?

    Just out of curiosity, why are you still using OS 9? I'm not making judgements, but I'm wondering since it's been a few years since OS X came out and it's proven to be a very solid operating system and just about every application now runs on it (aside from Alchemy).
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    Re: DFHS & Kontakt?

    Because I'm on an older G3 (Upgrade to g4-700) and I'm afraid it would be too much strain on my system. I also know it well and all my apps etc...are fully integrated! I also have a Lynx ONE audio card and a scsi card which are not OSX compatible so, it would be alot to change.

    I believe I may not be the only OS 9 user left though???

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    Re: DFHS & Kontakt?

    Not by a long shot. I have a G5, but I also have a Sawtooth G4 stuck at OS9. I have a few apps that will not run in Classic mode on 0SX. I upgraded this system to OSX at one point, but did not like the performance. Go to the Motu-Mac discussion group and you will see folks using Digital Performer on OS9. Not everyone is jumpling.

    Having said that, I do like OSX much better. You can bet that it will be a year before I switch to Tiger, though.

    Enjoy DFHS...I surely do.


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    Re: DFHS & Kontakt?

    Ok, but the version DFH2 is smaller than DFHS?
    I really want some "Ringo" type 60's kits and i think DFHS would have it.
    Question is, does Kontakt load it and if so, is it worthwhile without the benefit of the included Vsti?

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