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Topic: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

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    Exclamation Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    Hey everyone, this is my experience...With Gigastudio v2.54 I only had one problem with its MSG32.EXE, and that was that I could not defragment my HD's with MSG32.EXE running. If it was running at the same time that I wanted to defragment, I would experience a system freeze. Now the work around for this was to simply stop MSG32.EXE from running, then I could defragment my drive(s) without a problem. Also besides defragmenting, I don't like to have MSG32.EXE running when I don't have to, like when I'm not using Gigastudio in my production.

    Now that I just purchased GS3 Ensemble, I can't do this workaround with that horribly unstable MSG32.EXE, because when I try to terminate the process I get the blue screen of death! I don't understand why because I obviously am not trying to terminate it when Gigastudio is running, this is when I'm not running any other programs that I get this error. I also still get a complete system freeze with this new version when defragmenting my system. Now if I didn't get the blue screen when I tried to cancel MSG32.EXE this wouldn't be a big deal, but apparently I can't without all hell breaking lose. This MSG32.EXE is definitely the most unstable part of Gigastudio, and I know its where 99% of the user problems come from.

    Why can't they make it so that this process is only excecuted while running Gigastudio, and closes safely when exiting Gigastudio? Why does this process have to run all the time? I took it out of my startup using MSCONFIG so I can run it when I need to use Gigastudio, but like I said before the big problem is when I try to cancle the process. Please, anyone who has experienced any problems related to MSG32.EXE post your replies! Anyone who has any insight for me on this matter, definetely post your thoughts as well!


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    I've found GS3 to be very stable, except in these three cases:

    1) I try to load more instruments in RAM than is allowed. (It gives a warning message, but if you continue anyway, it will likely crash.)

    2) I try to run too many GPulse instances and polyphony. The warning is that you get dropouts, but if you continue to abuse your system, it may lock up, and

    3) Stopping msg32.exe will blue screen the system.

    The moral of this story is, don't overload your RAM, don't push your processor past redline for extended periods, and don't shutdown msg32.exe.

    But, seriously, I think the problem with your defrag is the quicksound database. Try opening GigaStudio Settings from the File Menu, Quicksound Tab, and turn off "Monitor File Activity". Alternately, you could tell the system not to monitor the drive that you are defragging.

    If that doesn't work, try opening Giga and turning off the audio engine. Leave Giga running in this state while defragging.

    Best of luck...


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    Hi Jon, I will try what you mentioned in a little while and reply with my results, I really appreciate your reply , thank you

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    Re: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    Well, some very good news! Turning off "Monitor File Activity" worked! Now I don't have any reason to terminate the MSG32 process since I'm not experiencing system freezes anymore. Infact I can even enable it to start with Windows again. It was such a simple thing to do, yet I probably wouldn't have thought of it. Thank you again!


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    I noticed MSG32 too. Several times XP frozen on MSG32 indicated as cause. What is real function of MSG32?

    GS3 BAG of BUGS.


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    Msg32.exe is the GS kernel-level engine, and being run in kernel-mode is also the explanation to the fact that it's able to blue-screen the machine.


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    Re: Gigastudio 3 & MSG32.EXE

    I find MSG32.exe in GS3 to be more stable. I use to disable it from startup in 2.54 because it did interfere with some programs. This was quite some time ago and I can't remember if this was in Windows 98.

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