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Topic: esi wamirack 192l prob! need help

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    Angry esi wamirack 192l prob! need help


    Well this my config
    P4 ht 2.8ghz fsb800
    2GO DDram 400mhz
    2 x80GO ide hd
    1 x160GO Serial ata
    Wamirack 192L

    Gigastudio 2.54 & 3.02
    Cubase sx 2.2
    VSL HOrizon - opus 1

    The Prob i have is that if i use gigastudio (2.54 or 3) in stand alone mode when i use a sample i have a distorted sound.And i have setting the sound card as describe in the booklet and it's the las driver...
    When i use rewire mode no sound.
    When i use VSL performance tool no sound.
    If i use an other software like kontakt 1.5 i have sound ...

    My soundcard is compatible gigastudio so i don't understand why i don't have a correct sound...
    I have search on the net i don't find any advice...
    I need to compose a soundtrack within the few days, and need gigastudio!

    If you can help me it would be great!!

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: esi wamirack 192l prob! need help

    I have found the latest drivers a bitunstable and had problems similar to you ...crackling ... they had implemented the upgrade to reduce the latency ... but I found they induced crackling. roll back to a previous version.

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    Re: esi wamirack 192l prob! need help

    ok i will try that.


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    Re: esi wamirack 192l prob! need help

    yes it's work!!!!!!! great thanks a lot...

    i'm composing actually 2 sound track...

    When i will finish i share with you on the board..
    see ya

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