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Topic: quicksound question

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    quicksound question

    is there any way in GS3 to be able to locate ALL of the sounds that have a particular name, even if they are in different folders? If I type in piano I only get the .gig files that have "piano" in their name from the current folder I am on and not for the whole drive?

    It seems like I would get .gig's from any folder on the entire drive, considering of course that I have the whole drive selected to be part of the Quicksound database.

    Another thing, the little "+" signs keep disappearing from my gig files. A perfect example is the "old lady" If I navigate to the FOLDER that holds the .gig files for the "old lady" all i see is one file to load and when I do, it loads all of the "old lady" patches? I used to have a little "+" sign next to the main file and when you clicked on that it expanded and showed you all of the individual patches and you could load the one you wanted.

    What happened?


    BTW Larry Seyer drums are the most awesome thing I have ever purchased for Gigastudio. Real does not even come close to Describing the sound... It's like you have a drummer sitting right next to you. (which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.)

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    Re: quicksound question

    You have to enable the "Recursive" checkbox in the Quicksound settings dialogue. That should do it!


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