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Topic: Help sharing a .gsp file?

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    Help sharing a .gsp file?


    I'm working with another composer who needs some support with MIDI programming. We both own the VSL Pro Edition, both running GS3.04.

    If I get a .gsp file from him, will it load up the identical VSL instruments when I open the .gsp file, or will the sample locations and directory structures need to match as well? I'm assumng that the .gsp file will ust replicate panning, levels, FX etc. but I'm not so clear on how the instruments will load.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Help sharing a .gsp file?

    So I'm discovering that if the pathname is not identical it won't load the instruments (I happen to have my performance set on a different partition than the originator's). My next thought was to take an external hard drive image of his sample set, plug that in via firewire to my PC, and re-build the quicksound database excluding my hard drives. That's the theory in my head, but I won't test it yet for a couple of days.

    has anyone done this? I'm now thinking that there would be some copy protect issues that may spring up?

    If there any GS users who have found a way to implement this sort of system please let me know.

    As well, I've understood the difference in function between .gsp and .gsi files, but can't figure out the difference between those files and a .art file. I know what is in an .art file but can't see why that is different to a .gsi file and what circumstance you would use one or the other. Thanks again


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    Re: Help sharing a .gsp file?

    An .art file contains most of the parameters that you see in the gigastudio editor for each instrument in the related .gig file. Good for changing some of these many parameters on a long term but still temporary basis.

    A .gsp file contains a simpler list of instruments to load plus gigastudio effects and maybe display parameters. A .gsi file contains a part of .gsp, somehow -- don't use these at all, so I've never really learned the benefits. But I think you can create parts of templates using .gsi's and combine them different ways into .gsp's, to save the trouble of re-setting all the parameters.

    Since the gsp file not only specifies full explicit path names, but also the instrument names within gig files, might be hard to share these. But perhaps sharing .gsi's would work better? Where you share settings, but don't actually reference instruments?

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    Re: Help sharing a .gsp file?

    I was coming around to that idea as well. Thanks Guiglelmo, and for the art file explanation (it seems clear now).

    Now I just need to figure out how to take a screenshot in PC (Mac guy in case you hadn't guessed). I can then use .gsi, screenshot of the ports and take it from there.

    Thanks again for the help


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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Help sharing a .gsp file?

    Here is the definitive answer: You should be able to do this.

    GigaStudio searches for files within a GSP file in three ways:

    1) FULL path, including drive letter. If that fails:
    2) DATABASE via Windows GUID (Global Unique IDentifier) If this fails:
    3) GigaStudio strips off the path, and looks for the FILE NAME (myfile.gig) in THE SAME FOLDER as the GSP file.

    So, the theory is, on a single machine, or any machine, item #1 and #2 should allow a GSP file to always open, without going to #3. #3 is a workaround.

    How could things get hosed?

    1) GUID gets changed by using SAVE AS to create a new file of the same name, even if one steps on the old file name. SAVE AS, to Windows, means "new file" regardless of name. As far as GigaStudio is concerned, on the SAME machine, the GSP file would still open, unless the full path had been altered. On a different machine, where condition #1 is probably already failing (files same, but different place) condition #2 is still loading the GSP successfully...UNLESS the GUID has been altered.

    2) At some time, two copies of "myfile.gig" have existed on the same machine, and the QuickSound database rebuilt itself. Seeing two identical GUID's it changed one. If you erased the other, the GSP file won't find the GIG.

    3) The target machine (your collaborator) does not have the QuickSound database enabled, and your paths are not exactly the same. Condition #1 and #2 fail.


    If you can find some abberant conditions matching the above and correct them, your subsequent collaborations should work.


    You could put all instruments in the GSP in the same folder AS the GSP on the target machine, and the GSP will load. This will work despite a different "full path," i.e., a different drive letter, because the GSP will look for file names in the same directory, regardless of what that directory is.


    You can make sure your paths are exactly the same (including drive letters).

    That should give you some options to mull over, and at least a couple of ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem if you and your friend intend to collaborate enough to make it worthwhile.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Help sharing a .gsp file?

    Thanks for this Bruce. Right now the .gsp opens, but instead of 100-odd instruments int he file, only 11 come up (they are all VSL Pro instruments).

    I'm thinking that #3 may be possible as he has been having quicksound database weirdness recently. I'll check that.


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