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Topic: Percussive sounds library

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    Percussive sounds library

    I'm looking for a percussive sounds library and my choice would be between Stormdrum and Yellow Tools Culture. Which is better (not considering Stormdrum's loop section, only single instruments)? They are similar or the difference between them could justify buying both?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Percussive sounds library

    I have both. Very dissimilar IMO.
    Culture focuses on ethnic and orchestral instruments with a vast array of different articulations / hits per instrument.
    Stormdrum focuses on big & loud ethnic drums, regular drum kits and electronic percussion.

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    Re: Percussive sounds library

    Thank you! It's the answer I feared
    But if you should choose only one of them? I'm looking expecially for a complete set of ethnic instruments, with various articulations. I don't need orchestral percs (I already own EWQLSO Gold) or drum sets...
    Thank you again.

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    Re: Percussive sounds library

    Then, the choice is definetely Culture. You won't be disappointed...

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    Re: Percussive sounds library

    I don't have Culture, but I do really like what I hear of it.

    Do be aware that it is dongleware, which is the main reason why I'm not buying it.


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    Re: Percussive sounds library

    I have Culture, and like it a lot. StormDrum is on my list, but I haven't succumbed yet. I picked Culture because I wanted many types of ethnic percussion for smaller-scale, authentic-sounding pieces (and the sound quality is quite wonderful). StormDrum seems great for huge-sounding soundscapes, larger-than-life cinematic work, etc.

    Culture comes with a large library of MIDI grooves (African, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian). They're pretty good (at least to my ear), but unfortunately overly-quantized -- so they sound stiff. Several Culture owners are trying to get unquantized versions of the grooves, which would be nice.

    The Culture dongle is a small USB gizmo; in practice it hasn't bothered me. Plus, I really like being able to run Culture on different machines as needed, moving the dongle (minor hassle) but not having to deal with managing per-machine authorizations (major hassle).

    - Jim

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