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Topic: *New* demotrack: "Monzters" (including Monzter Guitars)

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    *New* demotrack: "Monzters" (including Monzter Guitars)

    Hi folks,

    there was a discussion about the new e-guitar powerchord library "Monzter Guitars" (by Precisionsound). They do really give your track a punchy feeling if you want that big and powerful guitarchord sound in a hurry.

    Actually, I wanted to post a little demo here, showcasing some styles like rock, a melodic arcade-like variation (with a lightly change of tempo) and some additional action orchestral elements to the end.


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    Re: *New* demotrack: "Monzters" (including Monzter Guitars)

    Cool one Boris. Like it.

    Monsterz guit looks damn good, expecially for price.


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    Re: *New* demotrack: "Monzters" (including Monzter Guitars)

    There is a good chance I will pick up Monzter guitars because I love adding heavy guitars to my pieces. Nothing adds that aggressive sound like heavy guitars.

    That said, in all the demos I hear, the chords do not sound like normal heavy guitars (or, IMHO, even "Nu" Metal"). They sound like Trent Reznor (although the squeels are a nice touch). Which is fine, if that is what you want.

    I still think Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition provides more flexible and realistic sounding heavy rhythm guitars, IMHO.


    (PS: Just so you know, I thought the demo was very cool!)
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    Re: *New* demotrack: "Monzters" (including Monzter Guitars)

    @ Lux

    Thanks Luca

    @ Jeffn1

    Don't hesitate to buy them. You get that bright and 'agressive' powerchord sound with staccs and a dozen of guitar effect sounds (slides, noises, ..) for a really good price performance ratio.

    @ Lars

    You've got a pm


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