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Topic: Sample library licence agreements

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    Sample library licence agreements

    I'm doing MIDI orchestration for a cd in a genre where large real orchestras and choirs are often used as accompaniment and ear candy. My work should be good enough to fool the average listener who doesn't have a clue that there is anything 'strange' with the orchestra. I would like to get press reviews that concentrate on the music instead of being distracted by the fact that we are little people without the money for the real thing. This is why I would like to come up with a name for the virtual orchestra and choir. Something that has a joke in it so that when you know about the samples you understand what the name of the orchestra is referring to but not if you aren't conscious about it. Similarily there will be names for the studios even if most of the record is done in project studios.

    My concern is the sample library licence agreements which require us to credit the libraries in the CD covers. It doesn't help my aim if the cover says that "orchestral samples are from..." I don't want to step onto any developer's toes with this and I'm more than willing to give them the credit they deserve, I just would like to do it AFTER the press reviews are printed. I'm concidering a section on the band's website that would include demos of the orchestral parts without the band playing and lists of libraries and patches in different songs. This should be more rewarding to the developers and more informative to the people interested than a list which doesn't tell you what is used where.

    The production isn't so large scale that I should expect any developer ever to listen to it and think "hey, that's my library!" but I want to be straight with these things. Any suggestions how I should proceed with this?

    If someone has a great name for the virtual orchestra and choir I will gladly reward the gesture by sending a copy of the CD.

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    Re: Sample library licence agreements

    The main players in my orchestra are from VSL, EW/QL, Project SAM and propably Kirk Hunter if the Concert Strings arrive in time for the production.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    You might also want to think about how far you want to take this. It wouldn't be right to misrepresent your product (i.e. deliberately mislead the consumer into thinking a real orchestra and choir was hired). Critics might slam you harder if they think you're trying to deceive them. I think the expression is: "Honesty is the best policy."
    Yes I totally agree with this. There is no intention to use this as a marketing strategy or anything like that but to help people come to their conclusions. Completely ignoring the orchestral stuff in the credits will most likely get more attention than some vague notification. I don't expect the orchestration to be an essential part to the people who are interested in the genre but something they expect to hear in it. Therefore my feeling of the thing is more like a practical joke than attempt to mislead people into thinking or buying something that they normally wouldn't. The name for the orchestra should be something like "Unexisting Orchestra" if any, just something to get people to listen to the music before they know which parts of it are real. The genre is a subgenre of metal so you can get away with just about anything.

    Thanks for the good points.

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