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Topic: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

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    True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    I noticed in the small print of SAM's recent advert in SOS, that the VSTi version will be based on the Halion engine. (bit of a surprise)

    Having no experience of this, I was wondering how comfortably it will sit alongside kompakt/kontakt et al.

    Why was this engine chosen over say, Kompakt ?

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Time and Space have published prices for the Virtual Instrument and Starters versions of SAM's True Strike.

    very attractive pricing


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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    The Time+Space pricing is in pounds and the direct conversion to euros or dollars isn't particularly cheap compared to the full price but it seems that the Virtual Instrument has the same price as the Giga 2.5 version of the Pro Edition and that way the pre-order price directly from Project SAM might be very attractive.

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    yeah ... I meant in particular the starter edition pricing is very attractive. Good value for money.

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    Thumbs up Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Let me just take a second to send congratulations to Project SAM on yet another top of the line releases. The buyer cannot go wrong with this company. Amazing sounds and low prices. That's the way to do it!

    Best success to you guys!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Hey guys,

    Now that it's out, let us clarify the US dollar pricing of the SAM True Strike V.I. Editions for you:

    SAM True Strike V.I. Starter Edition: EUR 149 / US$ 199
    40 orchestral percussion instruments
    1 mic set: symphonic instruments in Stage, others in Close
    5 to 6 GB total library size

    SAM True Strike V.I. Pro Edition: EUR 339 / US$ 449
    51 orchestral percussion instruments
    3 mic sets: Close Stage Far for all samples
    18 GB total library size

    This will be the pre-order pricing starting at NAMM, next week. Pre-ordering will run until shipping, which is mid-end Feb.

    Full info on the V.I. version will be available then.

    Be sure to check us out at our booth at Steinberg! Vincent and Marco will be showcasing SAM True Strike V.I. If you haven't checked out the library yet, come and visit them!

    Thanks for the interest!

    All the best,

    Project SAM

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Thanks for the info, Maarten.

    Could you confirm the actual pre-order and list prices in euros and tell us that how long the pre-ordering period will last? I assume that these aren't secrets anymore and it would be nice to see the official terms instead of speculation based on conversions.

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Sure. I updated the post above.
    List pricing of the V.I. is 175 and 375 in euros.


    Project SAM

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Thanks! Looks good.

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    Re: True Strike to use Halion engine ?

    Is the Time & Space price a pre-order price ? or the final price ?

    Will there be a beneficial pre-order price for europe, or will taxes wipe out any advantages from buying from you direct ?


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