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Topic: .GPO files across the PC-Mac domain

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    Lightbulb .GPO files across the PC-Mac domain

    Board people:

    Hi. I use PC (don't own a mac personally, and don't like them either ) and I have created several .GPO files using the GPO host.

    However, when trying to exchange my .GPO files with a MAC client who also uses GPO - wham. It opens, but can't find the .nki files (it lets him navigate to the folder where the NKI's live, but they are "greyed out"). Now, I have no idea why this is.

    Input anyone? ANYONE have experience pushing .GPO files cross-platform? I'm trying to get this working for him as soon as possible, but it doesn't seem like there's any prior documentation about this...

    Muchos thankos,

    Jerzy G.

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    Re: .GPO files across the PC-Mac domain

    The reason you get these errors is that the location of the samples is actually stored in the .GPO file. Because of this, opening the file on a different computer, PC or Mac (Especially if you use a non-default install directory), can cause the error since the directories won't be the same.

    You see it cross-platform because Mac OS and Windows have different directory structures.

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