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Topic: Midi File Question

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    Midi File Question


    I just bought GPO and love the sound! Still working on learning how everything works, however. I thought I'd start out basic and just create wav files of me playing the piano...I saved MIDI files to a disk and uploaded them into the Overture software...the sound is great, but for some reason, the rhythms are jerky, nothing like what I played! Is there something I'm doing wrong??

    Also, I'd like to be able to set up my keyboard to my laptop to play...is this what I need?



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    Re: Midi File Question

    Make sure and upgrade to the latest patch for Overture SE. They can be found on the front page of the Geniesoft website.


    Not sure if this will help, but I would recommend giving it a shot.

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    Re: Midi File Question

    And yes, I would recommend the M-Audio Midisport 1X1 for a laptop midi interface.

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    Re: Midi File Question


    I saved MIDI files to a disk and uploaded them into the Overture software...the sound is great, but for some reason, the rhythms are jerky, nothing like what I played! Is there something I'm doing wrong??


    I had some problems with overture SE, and sprecially with midi files.
    But on thing you can check is the quantification... for exemple if you play 8th notes and the quantification is only on 4th notes, you'll ony get 4 th notes.
    Did you record your piece on a sequencer?

    good luck
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    Re: Midi File Question

    thanks everyone for your responses...it's still jerky, and i record them on a yamaha psr 2000 to disk, then transfer them to my computer...i'm going to get the USB adapter and use it w/ my kurzweil pc1x, so hopefully that will make it more smooth??

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    Re: Midi File Question

    Hi Justin,
    You'll want to use a low latency driver in GPO Studio, and choose a smallish buffer size. Go into the settings Preferences, and choose an ASIO driver type if you have one available (if not, then you may want to get an audio card that supports ASIO). After choosing the asio driver, set the buffer size in GPO Studio to 512 (generally a good size to use) and make sure you press the ASIO control panel button there, and set the buffer size in the asio control panel to 512 also. If you could do this, I think you'll find the jerkiness goes away. Good luck

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    Re: Midi File Question

    Well, i've tried every suggestion so far and still doesn't sound like the way i recorded...I'll clarify...when i sequenced it on my keyboard, the sound was legato and chord changes went from one to the other smoothly...when i uploaded the midi file of this, there were very small rests between these chord changes that sound like nails on a chalkboard...it sounds robotic and jerky like i said...so it has to do w/ the reading of the midi file i think...i was surprised quantizing the notes didn't work...it sounded the same, just looked different on paper (or monitor)...like i said, hopefully the USB adapter will solve the problem...?

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    Re: Midi File Question

    i wonder if it has anything to do w/ the sustain pedal? does that not translate? b/c that's what it sounds like...sounds like i played it w/o using any sustain!

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    Re: Midi File Question

    First of all, did you record your original midi file to a metronome? If you just recorded it "freestyle" then it will not translate correctly when imported into any notation program. Secondly, check Overture to see if quantization is set properly. For instance, if Overture is only set to quantize up to sixteenth notes and your midi files have 32nd note runs, everything is going to level off at sixteenth notes and the playback will not be what you expect.

    Hope this helps.

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    Smile Re: Midi File Question

    thanks everyone for all your advice and help, seems to be working just fine now...not sure what did it, but i tried everything everyone has said...let the music begin!

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