I was just wondering how everyone who had this problem is making out.
It is still a problem for me and I would like it fixed and so this thread...

Talking from a G5 1.6 3MB Ram p.o.v.

As someone way back pointed out -- the clipping is no longer the problem it's become a rhythmic problem. Mostly (but not fully) it comes down to not being able to have percussion swells e.g. cymbal and timp. rolling small then swelling out to a crash of gong. This alone would not be a problem but with the orchestra participating it results in these ENORMOUS! stumbles. Sometimes they are almost emotive (but not quite).

After much tinkering and experimenting -- if I eliminate the cym roll and have the timp tap out at the sixteenth -- the tempo is Q=50 -- not fast at all--- it gets through OK. Not the end of the world but on the other hand if one wished to convey the end of the world defintely disappointing.

There's more but I await kevetching participants.