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Topic: Default Performance will not load

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    Default Performance will not load

    I have saved a file as a default performance every way I know how. I have named it Default Performance.GSP. I have chosen "Save as Default Performance." I have gone into the Save As custom performance and made sure that all the requisite parameters were chosen and then chose Default Performance where possible. I have a file in my recently saved file list called Default Performance.gsp but it doesn't load when giga loads. I get a completely blank Factory default situation. what I want is to be able to have my GOS string section come up on startup. I also want to be able to hit the reset button at the top right corner of GS3 and have it clear EVERYTHING when appropriate. I don't want it to reload my default string section. How can I get both of these things to happen as required?

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    Re: Default Performance will not load

    Don't know! I never use 'default performance' -- I usually make a performance set for the piece I'm working on, in a directory named the same as the piece under my gsp's folder, then update it as the piece progresses. Then on load I can hit 'ALT F 1' to get the most recently saved performance.

    Clearing all on reset is the default setting, for your other question; there is a little (tiny, actually) arrow beside the green reset button, where a left click will bring down a menu of reset options, in case they have been changed. One of those is 'load default performance settings', but don't know what it does or whether is works.

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