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Topic: Non-GPO guy wonders about GPO?

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    Non-GPO guy wonders about GPO?

    GPO users,
    What do you like about GPO?
    I am thinking about adding it to my set-up.

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    Re: Non-GPO guy wonders about GPO?

    I like the box with the pretty squiggly-scripty writing.

    Oh yeah, it sounds good and is easy to use, too.

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    Re: Non-GPO guy wonders about GPO?

    Is this a trick question? Any sort of specific information you are looking for?

    I just don't want every answer you get to be 'heck yeah I love the thing.' This is the GPO forum.

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    Re: Non-GPO guy wonders about GPO?

    What I like...

    1. Excellent community for all kinds of helpful things
    2. Excellent support from the 'man' himself
    3. The FREE updates
    4. An excellent/value priced all around orchestra package
    5. The included notation, sequencing, and reverb programs were a lifesaver when I got them since I had nothing else.
    6. Easy to use
    7. Sounds wonderful with the right patience and care
    8. Still sounds good when used by amatures like myself
    9. Small tight package, no need for 40 terrabyte harddrives here
    10. Good performance on the right hardware
    11. No long list of articulations (most articulations being the job of good midi programming)
    12. The stuff coming down the pike that will make it even better
    13. The ensemble building is tops as well. Really nice for custom orchestration builds and for achieving realism. Takes some time to master, but the benefits are definitely there

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    Re: Non-GPO guy wonders about GPO?

    What Joseph said. The whole enterprise has class, class and more class. Never spent hard earned money more wisely. Oh and did I say anything about class.


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    I third what J.B. listed here about GPO. Furthermore, just do it!

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