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Topic: Last Libs Bass Demo

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    Last Libs Bass Demo

    Long time no post of mine...

    I did a short demo of LastLibs Acoustic Bass, just to show the nice sound and cool possibilities. This lib sounds convincing, even when the Bass is very exposed, like in the middle of this tune.
    Have fun...


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    Re: Last Libs Bass Demo


    really like the demo.

    ... and i also find that the guitars are well programmed.
    the bass sounds like he should be and everything is really suitable and sounds great

    kewl work!

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    Re: Last Libs Bass Demo

    Very very nice. This library is one of those libraries that once you have you don't know how you covered that in the past. It just has such a unique 'voice' in a field of hundreds of basses. Alan has done a great job here.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Last Libs Bass Demo

    Nice Tune ,,
    very Bohemio!!
    And Bas sounds cool
    "God is Love"

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    Re: Last Libs Bass Demo

    Cool track! I too like the guitar samples. I have this library but haven't used it in a bit - I've been trying to focus on orchestral tracks. I should load it up tonight.
    Lincoln Flesch
    Diva, GPO, GOS, LastLibs Bass, Scarbee's SID, BFD, Post Emperor and the MAG.
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    Re: Last Libs Bass Demo

    You should run that thing through iZotopes Trash presets for Bass. I didn't think his library could get any better, but it does my friends trust me.

    Amazing stuff.

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