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Topic: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

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    Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)


    May be more so for those into electronic music, but did this guy use any of the current orchestra libs or do you think it's ripped from other's recordings?

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    Re: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

    Samples of recordings (there's Elgar and Billie Holliday in there) with unconvincing stuff thrown in on top. I'm generally a fan of Venetian Snares, but this album sounds a bit... rubbish. The two genres don't quite work together.

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    Re: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

    I disagree, I think electronica/breakbeat and orchestral stuff can work fantastically... Look at the Propellerheads/David Arnold's version of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" or 4 Hero's work on Two Pages and Creating Patterns, for example.

    Listening to the album I'm not sure if the Snares have pulled it off here, but "Hajnal" and "Szamar Madar" were hugely enjoyable to me... I'd love to dance to that kind of stuff somewhere.

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    Re: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

    I was more referring to the breakcore/drill-and-bass genre that Aarons music falls into than electronica as a whole, in many other cases it certainly does work (check out Amon Tobin, especially if you enjoyed the Propellerheads and 4Hero's albums). Snares used Orchestral elements on 'Winter In The Belly Of A Snake' with much greater sucess in my opinion, but that album was more biased towards harsh synths and digital distortion. I don't think that chopped-up jungle breakbeats at 200bpm gel with string quartet samples here, but it's certainly an interesting attempt. Having said that though, Aphex Twin's 'Girl/Boy Song' and '4' manages to pull it off quite spectacularly...

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    Re: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

    That's cool, I personally never thaught the orchestral elements in Winter in the Belly and Aphex Twin's stuff and other previous stuff was ever all that good (I own all of those mentioned) just opinions here, of course

    thanks for the Elgar and Billie Holliday bit

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    Re: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

    Actually,....very interesting and ingenious in a Portishead sort of way....but what do I know?


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    Re: Interesting use of samples (nothing new though)

    I really love modern style combined with orchestral sounds...as was said before - Amon Tobin! Portishead also love David Arnodls Play dead - written for bjork...all of Bjork recordings (they all have some orchestral parts)

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