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Topic: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

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    Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    I don’t get it! With all the good and powerful new machines out (Dell, HP etc), why is everyone talking about building one? How much better could Giga run on a home-built machine versus one out of the box?


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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    Hi there,

    The reason why I'm having one built is because Dell couldn't do it for me and HP couldn't do it for me either. The systems just couldn't do what I needed them to do for a price that I was willing to pay. Maybe they'll work for some but not others?

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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    I always build mine. I know what's in it and I know its quality stuff. I can also upgrade it due to my familiarity with one without taking it to the shop. I'll never buy a pre-built PC for my use ever again. I like knowing what's going on in my box.

    Not that there's really anything wrong with pre-built, just not my thing.

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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    You can build a nearly silent PC, but you can't buy one from any volume manufacturer.


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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    Like Joseph, I like to be able to put what I want in the machine. Only the things that are needed are put in. My machines have always been dependable. I've been building my own for 10 years. The first ones I built are still going strong although have been passed from one person to another!

    I also build silent PC's which you will not find from Dell, HP, etc. The custom music DAW's are usually silent but on the pricey side.

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    Lightbulb Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    All good points above. I have built all of my machines (8 on a network and counting). One of the major differences is there is a whole lot more swearing going on in a build it yourself. But, as pointed out above, if you want silence and power, roll your own.
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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    Thinking about it, the way you could get a near-silent PC from the big guys would be to simply retrofit them with a new power supply and heatsink. You'd need to make sure the thing was a standard ATX, but it could work. These are mechanical mods that wouldn't affect software or performance. Add about $150 to the price of that Dell.

    To ensure a quiet PC you'd want to ensure that there's no fan on the motherboard or video card. If you have to replce those, the line has been crossed.


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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    I built a nice GS3 machine and am about to build/buy a sequencer machine. Don't need much. It's mainly for midi and a few audio tracks. And I'm thinking about doing just what Jon mentioned. A Dell or Gateway or something of the sort. Not sure, though.

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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    I use a laptop for my sequencer/notator. It doesn't need the power of the Giga/DAW machine, is reasonably quiet and is portable. With a KVM and MOL+, I'm set.


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    Re: Build vs. Buy….What’s the deal?

    What kind of laptop do you use? What do you do for midi input?

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