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Topic: new gpulse midi automation bug?

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    new gpulse midi automation bug?

    When assigning midi automation to a control on the gigapulse edit dialog box, one can send the controller values on any midi channel. When you configure the midi automation all works fine; but after saving/reloading the gsp containing these midi automation settings, the midi channel number information is lost and the automation is reset to midi channel #1.

    So yesterday all was well, but reloading today, none of the automation works any more.

    To produce the bug:

    (1) route data in the dsp station to group 1,2; insert gigapulse pro nfx; select bank 0003-Medium hall, impulse set 0003 medium surround hall, preset medium hall stereo default (all default settings). Load some instruments (just to have something to save later).

    (2) right click on 'master' control under INPUT LEVELS, getting the midi automation dialog. Select controller with mouse in drop down; I use "12 Effect Control 1". Leave Midi Port at default Port 1 setting. Change midi channel to 16. Leave all other settings at their defaults.

    (3) click 'save automation' and the dialog box opens.

    (4) re-open dialog box by right clicking on the master control again -- verify at the bottom that it shows
    ::: input level-master -- automated -- 1 (..) 16 (..) 12 Effect Control 1 ::

    (5) Close with 'cancel' button, close the gigapulse edit dialog box, save gsp under new file name (Save As ...).

    (6) close gigastudio.

    (7) re-open gigastudio

    (8) load gsp saved in step 5

    (9) go to dsp mixer, open gigapulse edit dialog, right click on the 'master' control again, look at the bottom, which now shows:

    ::: input level -- master -- automated -- 1(..) 1(..) 12 Effect Control 1 ::

    So the midi automation got shifted from channel 16 to channel 1 -- and no wonder my midi automation didn't seem to be working any more! This is 3.04 version, btw.

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    Re: new gpulse midi automation bug?

    Please e-mail this to Tascam. It deserves to be fixed in 3.05/3.06


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    Re: new gpulse midi automation bug?

    Maybe they can address this with the other midi automation problem!

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