Howdy all. If you have the Adler Cd set and don't care to watch that orchestra performance everytime it opens then you can do this. Please note! I'm not a programmer, this was something I "discovered." I can't offer any advice other then what I'm posting.
Now perhaps someone can tell me how I access the Listen and Score worksheets and the Bowing exercises on cd# 6. I also didn't get any info on how to use this ecxept in the cd jacket. Nothing on how to access the audio tracks- am I missing some paperwork??
1- open the TSO folder and open the lingo.ini file.
2 open a blank text file and copy the contents of the lingo file into it. Just in case you don't care for the changes you make. Save it. You can always copy it back into it.
3 in the lingo file change this line:
gFirstMovie = "@:movies:main"
gFirstMovie = "@:movies:strings"
Save it
Now run it as normal. I've tried this a couple of times and there doesn't seem to be a problem. Use the program as normal - ie go back to the main menu to choose something else.
Hope I'm not doing anything unlawful, etc.
Bill in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin