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Topic: Aardvark and DirectX - urgent Question!

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    Aardvark and DirectX - urgent Question!

    Dear Forum!
    I have a big Problem with my Q10 Aardvark card. I am from Germany and couldn't find any solutions or tips in my language. Guess here in Germany the Aardvark product are rare und not so famous.
    So I hope here is a better place for my questions ... my System is a Dual MP Athlon 1800+ with AMD Chipset. XP SP1 prof. and Cubase SX2. DirectX9b.
    If I use the dxdiag command the report says, that my cards Sound1, Sound2 ... until Sound5 are emulated. Write in brackets in the dxdiag dialog. In cubase is the same ... the preferences and options says emulated. Is this general a problem or a "normal" result??

    Further I have the problem that no update to DirectX9c is possible. The system says "These Hardware cannot install". I think the Aardvark drivers 7.13 are not WHQL certified.

    The actually problem is, that in Cubase no more DirectX plugins are in function. Furthermore the loaded projects cannot play smoothly. The CPU peak goes to red, without any special plugins. Since Summer 2004 the system is ok, but now the problems without any changes in the system.

    Please - any comments, tips?!?!
    Thanks very much!!

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    Re: Aardvark and DirectX - urgent Question!

    I have an Ardvark Q10 but have not experienced your problem. However, the Cakewalk Forum has several threads regarding the 7.13 drivers. Some users report better results with the older 7.04 drivers. Since Aardvark is now out of business, one of the members made the drivers available on his web site. Do a search on the Cakewalk forum and perhaps this could be a help.

    George Klos
    Klos Studios

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    Re: Aardvark and DirectX - urgent Question!

    Hi George! Thanks a lot for your respond.

    I know this driverproblem. But unfortunately only the 7.13 driver supports Multiprozessors like my AMD Dual machine.

    Please do me a favour: If you type "dxdiag" on your machine - is there any "emulated" displayed? Which DirectX version do you have?

    I think it's perhaps better to use older DirectX version, e.g. 8.x cause the driver developements from Aardvark are not state of the art like DirectX9.

    Any further comments??

    Thanks very much!!

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    Re: Aardvark and DirectX - urgent Question!

    OK...I've checked on my XP machine and have DirectX 9.0b. Checking on sounds I have 'emulated' for my Q10 also. Apparently that's normal. I'm using Sonar 3 and Samplitude 7. My directX plugins all work, so I don't think 'emulated' directX is the problem.

    Are you using asio? You could try adjusting the buffers on your Ardvark panel and that may give you smoother performance.

    As far as no directx plugins working could you try a different 'host' software? Perhaps something in cubase got checked off or muted? Hope this helps. Doin't give up, the Aardvark works well here

    George Klos
    Klos Studios

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