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Topic: Motu Micro Express 128 + GS 3.04

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    Motu Micro Express 128 + GS 3.04

    Does anyone have the Micro Express 128 interface working properly on Win XP with GS 3.04?



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    Re: Motu Micro Express 128 + GS 3.04

    I have the older, Parallel Micro express (not USB) working fine w/ GS3.04, WinXP on 3.0 ghz P4, Intel MOBO etc.


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    Smile Re: Motu Micro Express 128 + GS 3.04

    Hi Mark,

    I just recently installed the Express 128 and it has been working great. Prior to the 128, I was using a Fastlane, which worked good as well.

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    Re: Motu Micro Express 128 + GS 3.04

    Alright then must be just me then and the specs of my setup. I can't get it to work reliably on my XP, I have some weird unique conflict.
    barebone and tweaked XP PRO SP1, P4 3GHz, 2GB of RAM, 2408mkII, GS 3.04.

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    Re: Motu Micro Express 128 + GS 3.04

    Forgive me if you've done this already, but have you downloaded the latest driver from the MOTU website?

    Also, is your Micro Express a parallel interface?

    If so, there are settings that need to be adjusted in the Windows Device Manager and possibly the BIOS. It mentions this in the FAQ section of the MOTU website, I believe. These settings apply to all MOTU parallel interfaces.

    Then again, if it is in fact a USB interface, then perhaps these settings need to be adjusted to suit that protocol, as well.



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