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Topic: If you sent me 56k files...

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    If you sent me 56k files...

    ...and hopefully you know who you are...

    ...it would be great if you could resend your songs as 128k mp3 files. It's not necessary, required, mandated or otherwise imperative, but since we're now broadcasting at 128k, your 56k files won't benefit from the boost in quality. That didn't occur to me until DP Dan made some posts regarding the quality of some of the shows. Doh!

    If you have the time and inclination to resend, please follow these guidelines to help keep me sane:
    • Don't remix or make any alteration whatsoever of what you previously sent other than changing it to 128k - otherwise, it won't fit in the show where we have it and we therefore won't be able to use it.
    • Send them as attachments (no links, please) to GpoFiles@ShowProgramming.com (and only this email address, please).
    Some of the early versions of the shows have other quality issues on Charlie & Dee's announcer segments, as there were some problems in the initial recording sessions (all my fault, of course). I'm not going to remix these, as my priorities are on getting everyone else's stuff up first. I will, however, replace the 56k files wherever possible.

    Our next recording session is Sunday 1/23. If your stuff isn't already on the air, sending the higher quality mp3 files prior to then would be Mucho Groovy.
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    Re: If you sent me 56k files...

    Hmmm, it's been a while I wouldn't know. How do I check?

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