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Topic: [OT] skype, save on telephone calls!!

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    [OT] skype, save on telephone calls!!

    i just installed this
    and it works marevellous on my office PC!
    it'l like messenger for the PC-PC calls, but you can pay and call also mobiles and common phone (saving A LOT) if you do international calls!

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    Re: [OT] skype, save on telephone calls!!

    Yes, Skype is really an amazing application. Although many people claim, that it was good for a start 2 years ago and is steadily declining after that. Sounds like ICQ to me. Hehe...

    I use it to call a bunch of friends quite often. A friend of mine, who also lives in Vienna uses Skype to call his brother who works and lives in London. Talk about saving a bunch of money...
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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